Bespoke Development

Micromission’s expertise is in developing software for web applications, particularly those that use cutting edge web technologies. Our particular expertise is in IBM's Websphere Portal and Collaboration software, delivered through the portal. Also the use of Virtual Portals to deliver "Software as a Service".

A portal provides a common point of entry to an organisations assets and services. The portal implementation by IBM is a framework that provides much of the plumbing all sites have in common. For example, site navigation, search, security, language support, support for different clients eg mobile phones and web browsers, and a console to administer all these features. Most importantly it has a plug and play component model. A component, called a portlet, provides specific functionality, and can be plugged into any page of the portal. Portlets may be user written or obtained from the IBM Portal Catalog. Many of these are free.

IBM's out of the box portlets provide many different types of services including Content Management, Collaboration, HR etc. To speed time to market some of these are packaged into so called Accelerators, designed to get a particular portal up and running very quickly. IBM also has the Portlet Factory for rapid bespoke portlet development.